Amy Kaczowski – Owner

Master Artist Level 2

Salon Pure opened its doors in 2007, with owner Amy Kaczowski. Amy is a staple to the NJ/NYC hair scene with 20 years experience as a stylist and 10 years as a professional educator. Amy has strengthened her team with top quality education and a strict training program. She believes you the client, are our first priority.

Why did you become a hairstylist?

There was nothing I ever wanted to do other than be a stylist. I have the craft and always strive to be better.

What do you look to for inspiration?

Fashion, the colors, textures, an style. Love going the New York City. I am a New Yorker so it gives me so much inspiration just looking at the architecture and people.

What do you love doing and why?

I love cutting and styling. My favorite is razor cutting. It is like sculpting to me. Styling is also so personal creativity wise.

On your off time what do you enjoy doing?

I love being with my family and friends. They bring me joy.

You should come to me at Salon Pure because …

I work so hard to make Pure the most comfortable space so the stylist and myself have the best environment to let their talent shine. The most important part is to make the client have the best experience they can possibly have.