Kristen Rogers Anderson


Why did you become a hairstylist?

When I was a teenager I experimented with (read: messed up) my hair color all the time, and when I happened to get it right, I loved the way the transformation made me feel- and I decided I wanted to help other people feel good. That’s evolved from focusing on big transformations to also encompassing color and cuts that just also subtly play up what’s great about a person’s hair, but the motivation to help my clients feel good is always the undercurrent.

What do you look to for inspiration?

Normal, everyday people! Tailoring color and cut to the lifestyle (meaning daily energy spent on their hair, budget and frequency of salon visits) of my client is really important to me, and I find what I see in magazines or tv usually unrealistic. So when I’m out and about and someone’s hair catches my eye, I make a mental note of it, kind of dissect how I think it was done and call on it during my consultations.

What do you love doing and why?

Color is my favorite and I’ve taken a lot of extra courses to dive into it. I love the satisfying before/after nature of color and I love formulating, so much so that I get as much of a kick out of really nailing a simple-looking natural root touch-up as doing a technicolor dreamboat.

On your off time what do you enjoy doing?

Hanging out at home with loved ones, trying new places to eat with my husband, smothering my dog and cat, watching TV (let’s talk, I have thoughts), hosting my podcast Book Club Shmook Club and doing/teaching yoga.

You should come to me at Salon Pure because …

I can make your life easier (and nicer-looking) in the hair department!